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ZIP, We are a manufacturer specialized in plating and those surface treatment related with chemical. We emphasize in quality and service as our theme “Your Satisfaction is Our Satisfaction”

Compapy Profile

Company Name
Establishment year 1980
Location 122/4 Moo.1, Bangnumjuet, Muengsamutsakhon, Samutsakhon 74000
Managing Director Mr.Somchan Chanchalotorn
Employee 340
Quality System ISO 9001: 2015
Area 9,598 M²
Website www.zip1993.co.th
Telephone 034-406-549
Fax 034-406-048
Email info@zip1993.co.th


Becoming a metal plating company in every industry and excellence in service quality, including focusing on the environment and work safety.


  1. Commitment and promote of personnel development in the organization to be competent; producing the best products and services for customers
  2. Focus on improving product quality for continuously upgrade and maintain the quality of products
  3. Focus on service and delivery of goods in time, according to customer determines
  4. Focus on safety and environment in the workplace for employees
  5. Focus on maintenance and development of machinery to be effective for producing products


The founder of the company is Mr. Somchan Chanchalotorn. The first factory is located at Tha Phra Rd. Sam-Yak Fai Chai .Initially, ZIP made own product which is lighter and also running general plating service.


Registered company, on behalf of ZIP Metal Works (1993) Limited company, together with the installation of automatic hanging plating. Started Jig section to support offline plated automatic


Received certified quality system ISO 9001:2000 by JQA.


Started construction Zip Metal Works Factory (1993) Co., Ltd, first branch located on Rama 2 Rd., Samutsakhon to support the expansion of the business in the future.


Began production at the first branch with Zinc rack. Changed from Jig section which only support for in-house production to Jig division, devoted to the business with the addition of new sales are made.


Began production Electrolytic Lacquer.